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  Guar Gum is derived from the ground endosperm of Cyamopsis Tetragonolobus, a plant of the Leguminosae family. The plant grows to about 1-2 metres high with vertical stalks. The Guar seed pods, about 15 cm long, grow on these stalks and hold 6-9 seeds which are about 2-3 mm in diameter. Roughly, 14-16% of the Guar seed is the hull, 38-45% is the endosperm and 40-46% germ. "Guar" crop is sown after the first rains in June/July and is harvested after 3-4 months.It is a hardy, drought resistant crop that requiresmoderate rainfall at regular intervals.

Guar ( also called guaran), is primarily the ground endosperm of Guar beans.The Guar seeds are dehusked, milled and screened to obtain the guar gum. It is typically produced as a free flowing, pale, off-white colored, coarse to fine ground powder. Guar gum powder

is used as a thickener and emulsifier in commercial food processing and with Fracture Fluids in Mining Industry. Guar Gum has almost 8 times the thickening power as corn starch. Guar gum splits is refined endosperm derived from guar seed or cluster bean (cyamoperm tetragonoloba). Guar Gum Refined Split (Endosperm) is

mechanically separated from Guar seed which yields 28-30% of Refined Split.

Dry and warm weather is most suitable or Guar. Optimum temperature required for

its roots to develop is between 77 and 95 degrees F. It thrives on a wide range of soil

types, including sandy soils of low fertility. It needs far lesser volume of water thanany other competing crop and drought resistance is its important attribute. Another property of the crop is that it is an  excellent green manure. Guar gum cultivation helps in soil building. The

succeeding crop (e.g. wheat etc) in farms where Guar has been in cultivation, gives 5 to 10 per cent more yield.  Guar beans are harvested and dried following the growing season. The beans areshelled from the pods, the germ and hull removed. The resulting splits are

wet-milled into powder. Guar gum split manufacturer provide Guar gum splitwhich is used to manufacture Guar gum powder.Guar gum powder is used in various industries. Guar gum powder for paper,Guar gum powder for pharmaceuticals, Guar gum powder for explosives, Guar gum powder for animal feed, Guar gum powder for mining are its main uses.

Guar is a gallactomannan with a characteristically configured macro-molecular structure. The backbone of the carbohydrate is made of a chain of (1->4) glycosidic-linked mannose units, on which at a statistical average every second unit is branched with a (1->6) linked gallactose. This precise macromolecular structure which lies between a spherocolloid (like amylopectin) and a linear hydrocolloid (eg. Cellulose) is necessary to the colloid-chemical properties and thus for the multitude of applications of Guar.

Guar gum is economical because it has almost 6-8 times the water-thickening potency of cornstarch - only a very small quantity is needed for producing sufficient viscosity. Thus Gum from Guar can be used in various multi-phase formulations: as an emulsifier because it helps to avoids oil droplets from coalescing, and/or as a stabilizer because it helps to prevent solid particles from settling.

Guar gum  is categorized in different grades and qualities of Guar gum by its particle size, the viscosity that is generated with a given concentration, and the rate at which that viscosity develops. Manufacturers and Exporters of guar gum and its derivatives. Natural, modified derivatised hydrocolloids for food, Pet food pharmaceutical and industrial Application. Rheology control agents, functional additives for cosmetics, personal and oral care products. Additives for paper industry. Pharmaceutical grade hydrocolloids. Products for mining and flocculation applications, slurry and stick explosives, oil, gas and other deep well drilling, well stimulation and related operations. Rheology control agents for fabric printing.
Coarse-mesh Guar gums, will typically but not always develop viscosity more slowly. They may achieve a reasonably high viscosity, but will take longer to achieve. On the other hand, they will disperse better than fine-mesh, all conditions being equal. A finer mesh, like a 200 mesh, requires more effort to dissolve.Until now majority of Guar comes from Rajasthan state of India, small quantities are yielded in USA, Zaire and Australia.

Guar Gum Australia, has taken the initiatives to successfully grow Guar in Australia. Guar Gum Australia, holds bases in Rajasthan,India and NSW,Australia.